are you still there?

you didnt change the description?
why that profile pic?
am i reading signs into nothing or is your heart still with me?
am i happy now with someone else or do i like the feeling of pretending to be? am i fooling myself?
have i let you go by taking it off or am i still holding on by keeping it where i can see it everyday?
did all the promises really mean nothing or are they all still true?
do you think of me everyday or is that the past now?
one year past…
did you remember?
would you be willing to admit the mistake again?
would i accept the apology?
could i cast you away?
"There was a day I saw
A girl I couldn’t fade
Blinded my mind
The sight of her so kind

Within my life of Jenna Kay
That of my everyday
I can sit and listen
Not scared of life
No matter how bad I’m missing
To one day know you’ll be me wife

Between us, Adam and Eve
We have no other
Knowing that no better
Could our lives be
While blissing anything else
And sit and see
That no two other are greater
And we be standing strong
Whilst else all fall

It’s such a wonderful thought
You back in my heart

Sleepness nights
Our endless love

I look unto your eyes
And know our love will never die

Hand in hand
Passing people
Not giving a second thought
Of us two
Our hearts

And while we love
I’d be fine
If I never move
Like drunk of wine
Our love divine
Hearts entwined
Two together
Forever and ever
My love for you
Will end never"

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