the poem

I laid in bed thinking, wondering. I had an epiphany… I remembered. I always figured the past doesn’t matter, I mean its over and done…
But i cant let go
I dont know why
Maybe its cuz you were the first
Maybe its cuz you knew me the most
Maybe its cuz of the promise
The promise of forever and always
I think about it all the time…do you still keep your side of the promise
Its a promise I dont want to keep but cant let go of
I cant stop wearing the proof of that promise, our hearts entwined
Im tryin to move on an it appears to all that I have
But i cant escape thoughts of the past
Ive been happy with him for a month now
But still wore the proof even tho it felt like a betrayal to him
I wore it until today; it broke
I stared at it in tears tryin to figure out if there was meaning
Im sure it meant it was time to let go
Let go of the past and all the thoughts
So this is my goodbye; this is me letting go
I’ll never forget the promise tho; i did indeed promise forever
But goodbye for now you may always be in my heart but must be gone from my mind
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