second chances

i wrote all lot of my past writings before but this one im actually just makin up as i type cuz i just thought of this topic last night.. okay so second chances…do you believe in giving ppl second chances? how bout third chances and fourth? wheres the line? how many chances are you supposed to give ppl before you cross in to ignorant terrritory? ok i sooo do not know the answer to this one..its a question that i would love the magical answer to myself..well we know there is none.. just opinions of ppl which are always good to hear when decidin what to do about a dilemma or something like that ..anyways my opinion..i used to be a big believer in second chances but sometimes second turned into third an so on an it definitely makes a person feel dumb, ignorant, naive an stupid to be proved wrong an find out in the end that ya definitely shouldnt of gave them another chance…but this kinda goes along with the whole change subject of can someone change or not..bleh…anyways second chances huh..well you gotta draw the line after two otherwise ur gonna be in a bad cycle an news flash ur naive an ya dont have to give out second chances i mean if the person is a good person in general then ya okay but if they are a liar..well come on really
–second chances on relationships tho..some ppl do this..idk i mean if it failed the first time is it gonna fail the second time? well this has prob been proven both ways..i mean if you know why the relationship failed an the reason is no longer valid or you worked on it together then it would probably be worth it tryin it again..but i think the same rules apply to relationships if you actually broke up for real more than twice an this is ur third time around..u should probably think about movin on or fixin somethin
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