makin the past matter in the present an future

is thinking we were in love the same thing as being in love? so past love..better to have loved an lost then to have never loved at it true, is it crap? i mean heartache is crappy an painful shouldnt we not want pain if we can help it..but on the flip side it was a great an incredible experience, some say theres nothin like love so you felt amazing in the time you did take it for question is..would you change it if you could go back knowing how it ended would you do it all again? was it worth it? well did ya learn anything from the relationship?did you have fun? did you feel 100% happy ever? well it its a yes to one of these questions then id say you shouldnt regret the relationship, you should do it again if you could go back in time..but what about the pain..well most times pain fades, the heart heals, but you’ll get to keep the good times forever in ur heart soul an memory
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