the right relationship/the one

the writer in me lives on..a topic i got from watchin some mtv..lookin for love in all the wrong places..How do we know when we found the right one or when we’re just one day away from heartache? well first off we learn from every experience an there is such a thing as time well wasted, which is maybe how ppl should look at all past relationships..honestly i can say ive learned somethin about myself an something new about relationships from every failed attempt at a the question is how do you know if its the right one? well honestly maybe there is no ONE maybe there could be many ppl out there that could make you happy an be the perfect person to be with forever..if you believe that there is only one person for you, you could kill yourself second guessin the person you are could be looking forever for a sign that you may never its a huge risk to take considerin you could be 45 an single cuz youve ended past relationships b4 cuz you never got that what could you do? well you can date. get to know ppl an just let that person love you an make you happy.. i am a believer in soulmates an all that, but i think my sign to know its right an hes the one, is how happy i am..
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