my change

wow out of nowhere im gettin into this writing phase maybe im gettin insprired by the things that are happenin to me or something..well on the former subject of people changin id like to discuss the new changes in me..or maybe the one change thats the biggest possibly most important started for me when i heard an everclear lyric "i think you are blind to the fact that the hand you hold is the hand that holds you down" i made that lyric the foundation of my upcoming relationships. it made me realize i didnt want someone tellin me not to hang out with certain people, someone who wanted to run my life as well as his, someone who tells you they dont like how you act or dress whatever it may be. it made me figure out what type of boyfriend i never want to have. everyone needs to live for themselves and make themselves happy an be you..then if you are in a relationship your boyfriend/girlfriend would just take you for all that you whole first by yourself becuz if you arent an you break up with that person you are gonna lose yourself. but if you are whole first you will never lose yourself, your identity..
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