okay now that I started this writing thing I cant stop..um new topic..im inspired from tv shows in combination with past experiences so I got this topic off a show of course but it relates to me..so..can a person be friends with an ex? now im sure everyone has that ex that they hate, cant stand, would never date again, and feels weird around..yeah its that past/the history hangin in the air..usually one has those feelings when they get cheated on, broken up with for a bad reason, had crap talked about them after the breakup, or they are tryin to steal all ur friends, the ones they wouldnt of even knew if it wasnt for you..ah all these things are the possible ingredients to a very bad situation. its even worse if you are still gonna have to be around this person.. ah advice for this problem well im not sure on this one but theres a few things to be said..you avoid the person as much as you can an well one day the person wont even phase you anymore..all the things they did will be irrelevent cuz it doesnt matter anymore..basically it means you are totally over them..so hang in there cuz that day will come..the flip side: the ex bf that has become your friend hey maybe even ur best friend..the reasons for that are they know everything about you already so you can talk to them about anything, youve already had the relationship an for whatever reason it didnt work an so u both know you two shouldnt try datin again so there is no sexual tension on either side(that one is kinda of a big maybe) an lastly the trust is there.. so the question: can you be friends with an ex? id say you can be friends with any of your exes it just takes time an healing.. but the most important thing to know is that you dont have to be friends with ur ex tho..if they hurt you its perfectly natural not to want to be friends with someone who hurts you. good friend credential isnt a person that hurts you..but if the person is a good person an a good friend to ppl you can most definitely make a disaster of a dating relationship into a friendship you can have forever..
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